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Beta Program is seeking a small number of Beta test partners, that meet certain criteria, and will provide us with user feedback in exchange for temporary free use of the ClickHawk™ application.

Not everyone qualifies and we have a very limited number of beta slots available. There are two options for beta participation:

Beta Option 1 - Self Service (Free)
End user manages own campaigns, links, analysis, optimization, and communications with ad networks. In exchange for feedback on existing features, wish-list items, and bugs, End User will receive free, full access to the ClickHawk™ application for at least 60 days.

- 500 to 10,000 clicks per month.
- Manages own keyword campaigns directly.
- Our contact person is the same person managing campaigns.

Beta Option 2 - Full Service (Refund Share) staff will handle the ClickHawk™ setup, link replacement, report analysis, optimization, and if necessary, communication with the ad network(s). TrafficSentry will provide this service to End User for 60 days in exchange for 30% of any refund made by any ad network, search engine, or other advertising venue, to End User as a result of refund request letters based on ClickHawk™ data. If End User (Advertiser) does not receive a refund, End User will not compensate for services provided.

- 1,000 to 50,000 clicks per month.
- Our staff may directly contact the person/party that is currently managing the campaigns.
* Certain limitations and restrictions may apply to the number of campaigns and links.

Only 2 beta slots open as of July 24th, 2006.

Click here to contact us and inquire about beta participation. Please include the number of campaigns you currently manage, number of unique links, and number of monthly clicks you would like to track.

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